Tecnica Spa, the parent company of one of the world’s foremost winter sports goods manufacturing groups, started out in Montebelluna in 1960 making work boots. It enjoyed its first great worldwide success in 1970 with the Moon Boot that became a word used all over the world for denoting after-ski footwear.

In the seventies Tecnica launched the first bi-injected plastic ski boot, the Tecnus: a true revolution for the sector, which would be followed by the successful Tnt range.

Tecnica is a product driven company – focusing on the best quality, best performing and best fitting footwear, be it hard charging race ski boots, ski boots for the entry level skier, high-fashion apres footwear or outdoor athletic shoes. We are a company of skiers and outdoor people – former NCAA athletes, Professional Ski Instructors of America and coaches.

We know skiing from all aspects and have a love and passion for the sport.

In 1945 Toni Arnsteiner manufacutred the first Blizzard ski in Mittersill Austria. Toni, the founder of Blizzard, established a ski factory and a worldwide famous ski brand out of a small carpentry business. Blizzard is and has always been a true Austrian brand. Since the beginning of the alpine World Cup Blizzard has always played an important role. True legends like Franz Klammer, Erwin Resch, Peter Müller, Marie-Theres Nadig, Petra Kronberger, Renate Götschl, Michaela Dorfmeister have all skied on Blizzard skis with outstanding results.Blizzard has always been a “benchmark” in the field of technical innovations. Groundbreaking progressions and technological advancement have been part of the Blizzard formula for success. This winning formula has allowed Blizzard to continually contribute to the advancement of the winter sport market. The Blizzard Firebird, Blizzard Thermo and Blizzard Quattro are just a few examples of how Blizzard contributed to the development of this sport.

A substantial amount of capital has been invested in the factory infrastructure in Mittersill Austria, allowing for huge improvements in engineering, design, graphics, and base/edge finishing. The products that we are now producing are cutting edge products that will once again place Blizzard in the forefront of the ski industry.

Blizzard recently has made great efforts to be “Back in the USA” New Headquarters have been set up in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. A very talented team has been assembled and continues to grow. Blizzard has gone through some major changes and we are all very excited about what the future holds for this brand. We intend to continue to bring our innovative products and developments to the ski market. We actually like to consider ourselves as a new brand complete with new faces, new products, and most importantly, a whole new attitude! Stay tuned and watch us grow!

In the Women’s category the specific needs of the female skiers has been addressed. The result is softer, lighter skis that have a slightly more forward standing position. The Junior category has some truly innovative products as well. Flexible skis, and a ground breaking binding integration system now allow for simple adjustments indoor and outside without the need for tools.

Blizzard continues to be one of the most recognized ski brands in the world. This reputation is well known within the industry trade group as well as by the consumer. In 2006 Blizzard found the perfect environment for being successful – becoming part of the Tecnica group. In the fall of 2006, Blizzard International and all of its holdings was purchased by the Tecnica Group, owners also of Tecnica, Nordica, Nitro, Lowa, Dolomite, and Rollerblade.